Lynnwood Conference Centre | About
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About us


What to expect

Secure conference, workshop, meeting and special celebration facility

Tranquil environment and elegant surroundings

Situated close to main routes in the east of Pretoria

Ample safe parking

Generator ensures uninterrupted conferencing and functions amidst power failures

Beautiful outside entertainment area

Three venues and different packages available to suit all your needs

Wheelchair access to the main entrance

Indigenous garden and patio area providing a conference experience with a difference

Air-conditioned rooms

Modern equipment

Complimentary Bottle of Still Water


About Us


Repeat Clients are evidence that the Lynnwood Conference Centre is ideal for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle yet not have to travel long distances.


The spreading of ideas is symbolized in the logo by the ripple pattern similar to that which a drop creates on the surface of water, where the ripples spread in ever increasing circles. It alludes to the fact that ideas tend to start small and grow bigger as they spread. The concentric ripples are also symbolic of a round table gathering where ideas are freely exchanged.

The rooms can accommodate from 10-60 and are surrounded by spacious indigenous gardens and an entertainment area.


The Centre is ideal for groups involved in strategic planning, round table brainstorming, or training…hence the Centre’s logo symbolizes a drop on the surface of water with a ripple effect that spreads and grows ideas in a round table environment.
Parking areas are included in the tranquil garden and seating areas provide for informal discussions. The building has covered patios and user-friendly wheelchair access. Rooms are soundproof and have modern equipment and air-conditioning. The on-site generator ensures that your event is not extensively interrupted by power outages.