Lynnwood Conference Centre | Team Building
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Team Building

Our Packages

We have amazing packages for you to choose from.All activities are facilitated by a professional teambuilding company.(Laser Adventures)

Amazing Race:

An Amazing Race is a fun, fast paced team event, where through a
series of tasks and discoveries teams are ultimately aiming to be the
first at the finish line.


Gautrain Race:

Gautrain Amazing Race, real money, genuine drama! The Race starts at
your offices or at Lynnwood Conference Centre and the end is an open


Minute to Winit:

The Minute to Win it activity is based on the hit TV show. With names like Ping
tac toe or stick that landing, the games use everyday household items like
tissues, spoons, plastic cups and straws. Your group will be divided into
different teams, and each member of each team will get the opportunity to do
one of the games. Teams will face up to 10 one-minute challenges that escalate
in difficulty.


Creative Thinking:

This activity consists of a series of problem solving activities that will give your
team a new perspective and promote creative thinking.


Creative Building:

Be a child again. By using building blocks you and your team need to build
certain objects. This activity will not only test your building skills, but also your
communication skills and memory.


Creative Painting:

A group effort artwork will put fun and colour in your office! No artistic background is
needed and anyone can participate. Get those creative juices flowing!


6 Nations Cocktail Competition:

Select a country. Design, build and taste a cocktail that will make them proud. You
will also need to decorate the table and to match the theme. All ingredients and
equipment will be provided in order for you to have a ball.


Movie Making:

This activity can be done by anyone and everyone regardless of age, level of fitness
and physical capabilities. Each team will have to do an informal production based on
limited and funny resources. They will have to write a script, produce, direct and
act, and will have the opportunity to have their production recorded only once.
Please note that this is not a formal production and will not be edited or altered in
any way.



Chocolatiering is the art of making confectioneries from chocolate by means of moulding,
sculpting and painting. Express yourself artistically with this fun and creative activity where a
sweet tooth is must! Delegates are divided into teams and each member will get an opportunity
to make a special chocolate in a mould. Thereafter the teams have to create a “pledge” which
they then syringe paint into a plastic mould, the other teams are then to decode their pledge…
funny things come out of this decoding session. Afterwards each delegate will get the
opportunity to syringe paint their own chocolate. If a chocolate painting is not for you, make a
slab out of different ingredients including , biscuits, coconut, cashew nuts and more.


World Record Games:

Do you want to set a Record? Are you Officially Amazing? With our World Record Games you can
try beat the world’s fastest and tallest achievements! Stack Cups, Coin Stacking, Rice and
Chopsticks are just a few of the world records we have that you can attempt to beat.


Crazy Casino Evening:

A fun filled evening of gambling! Real chips are used to create this evening of fun and laughter. A
casino evening includes a variety of casino games including Poker, Black Jack, Roulette and Bingo
with a twist. This event includes a PA system and music. House rules apply!


Murder Mystery Dinner:

Everyone is a suspect when murder is on the menu; serve up murder, mystery and fun for
corporate and social groups. We guarantee that it will be drop dead fun, and that by the
end of the evening one or more of the suspects, your colleagues or friends will be caught
out as a murderer. This event includes a PA system and music.


Murder Dinner & Casino Evening combo

Combine an evening of murder and mayhem with a battle for money, for one of the best
functions of your life! This event includes a PA system and music.